Katy’s Blog – part 8

We  thought the best way for everyone to understand what goes on during an apprenticeship was to get one of our apprentices point of view. Katy is doing her Supply Chain Warehouse Operative apprenticeship with us and has very kindly agreed to keep you all up to date.

Katy Nixon - Apprenticeship StoryIn July last year, as you know, I did a two week maths and English course. I’ve still yet to achieve my level 2 English, which has legitimately always been my worst subject.  Like who cares about some random geeza’s advertisement on something that wouldn’t cross my mind in a million years! Yep, that’s the kind of thing you get asked about in the English exams.

It turns out though, as long as I at least attempt to gain my Level 2 that is all that is needed for my apprenticeship. I will keep trying to get my Level 2 English but it’s good know that it won’t stop me getting my apprenticeship if I don’t manage to pass it.

I feel like I have achieved so much since going to SP Training and would definitely advise young people to look into their courses.

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