Claire Prince     25th July 2019


Wimbledon is a great British Institution. There are so many iconic moments to come out of Wimbledon – among our favorites are John McEnroe’s infamous outburst, Andy Murray’s win which ended Britain’s 77 year wait for a men’s champion, and who can forget Cliff Richard’s singsong in the rain. Wimbledon is the oldest tennis tournament…

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Claire Prince     27th June 2019

The Rule of Law

What is the Rule of Law? The rule of law is the legal principle that law should govern a nation, as opposed to being governed by arbitrary decisions of individual government officials. In essence, no one is above the law. The rule of law underpins the very foundations of access to justice, enshrined in the Magna Carta of 1215….

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Claire Prince     1st November 2017

A British Tradition – Guy Fawkes Night (Bonfire Night)

Remember, remember the fifth of November, Gunpowder treason and plot. We see no reason Why gunpowder treason Should ever be forgot! On 5th November every year, people all over Britain celebrate Bonfire Night. There are small fireworks parties in back gardens along with big organised displays in public parks. This annual tradition is a way…

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Claire Prince     25th October 2017

Parliament and the Monarch

In the past Britain’s kings and queens were incredibly powerful. They controlled the decisions that affected everyone in the country. Today, most of the important decisions that affect us are made by MPs and Members of the House of Lords. The Monarch Monarchy is the oldest form of government in the United Kingdom, with a king…

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Claire Prince     27th September 2017

Third Sector Organisations

Third sector organisations is a term used to describe a range of organisations that are neither public sector nor private sector. It includes: voluntary organisations community organisations registered charities associations, self-help groups community groups social enterprises mutuals co-operatives   Third Sector Organisations generally: are independent of government are ‘value-driven’, they are motivated by the desire to…

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Claire Prince     23rd August 2017

Operation of Parliament, Voters, Elections and Role of Political Peers

Operation of Parliament The main functions of the UK Parliament are to: Check and challenge the work of the Government (scrutiny) Make and change laws (legislation) Debate the important issues of the day (debating) Check and approve Government spending (budget/taxes)   Parliament is made up of three central elements: the House of Commons the House of Lords the…

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Claire Prince     26th July 2017

British Values – Individual Liberty and Mutual Respect

Individual Liberty “The right to believe, act and express oneself freely.”  Individual liberty suggests the free exercise of rights generally seen as outside Government control. It is the protection of your rights and the rights of others. It is seen in day to day life through the following: Equality and Human Rights Respect and Dignity…

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