The Cumbria Transport Group (CTG) is a group of local transport businesses who have come together for common purpose. Representing freight and passenger transport industry views the group is made up of a range of Cumbrian based businesses and local government representatives.

Want to join the Cumbria Transport Group?

To enquire about or to join CTG contact Tony Higgins on 01228 530 552 or email

Employment Opportunities

CTG members are constantly looking for employees particularly drivers. If you are working in logistics and are looking for a job in Cumbria contact Tony Higgins on 01228 530 552 or email

Cumbria Transport G#319840B

Core themes of the group are:

Employment Opportunities

The industry nationally has a shortage of skilled people, particularly drivers. Cumbria is in the same position and the skill shortage is having a detrimental effect on the local economy. The CTG membership has opportunities for individuals who wish to work in the transport industry

Career & Skills Development

The industry has an age demographic that is very old and as such young people need to be recruited into the industry to bring fresh ideas and energy. CTG support Apprenticeship recruitment and career paths for young people. CTG members invest in their employees through training and development ensuring they have the skills to operate in the modern transport industry.

Influencing Policy

The CTG is made up of strong local businesses and as a group is able to influence policy and ‘have a say’. The group representatives have years of experience and understand transport issues. CTG are a strong transport lobby group and will fight for local interests.

Underpinning the Cumbrian Economy

CTG are significant employers in their own right representing around 1,000+ employees. The transport industry locally underpins virtually every business activity in the county. A strong transport infrastructure allows the county to flex and grow when required. With huge plans for infrastructure and nuclear development in the future for Cumbria, CTG will play a significant part in supporting these plans.

Cumbria Transport Group Members


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