Katy’s Blog – part 12 (The Final Chapter)

We  thought the best way for everyone to understand what goes on during an apprenticeship was to get one of our apprentices point of view. Katy is doing her Supply Chain Warehouse Operative apprenticeship with us and has very kindly agreed to keep you all up to date.


Katy Nixon - Apprenticeship StoryThis is it, my final blog!

Seventeen months ago I started at G D & M Dunglinson as their newest apprentice in Supply Chain Warehouse.  Never in a million years did I think I would stick a job for this length of time, but I have!

Throughout my time at SP Training I have gained a great amount of qualifications, which include, Level 1 & 2 Functional Skills English and mathematics, Level 2 Customer Service, Level 2 Risk Assessment, RTITB Counterbalance Licence, Health and Safety completion and most importantly Level 2 Supply Chain Warehouse by passing the final two exams!

I mean yeah when someone’s showing you diagrams on how to pick up a box you just want to pull your hair out but it’s not all sat in a classroom, you’ve got practicals, activities and they’ve came up with some great ideas to make learning enjoyable.  Yes, I did just put leaning and enjoyable in the same sentence!

I never realised how much I would get out of completing this course but it’s turned out great.  I well and truly landed on my feet.

I’d also like to add the support you get from each member of staff at SP Training is amazing.  Each and every one of them has your best interests at heart.  They value you as a person and put support in place when needed.  I would like to thank all SP Training staff for the time I spent there.

We at SP Training would like to thank Katy for taking the time to write this blog for us. We hope it has given people a better insight into what is involved in an apprenticeship.

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