Katy’s Blog – part 5

We  thought the best way for everyone to understand what goes on during an apprenticeship was to get one of our apprentices point of view. Katy is doing her Supply Chain Warehouse Operative apprenticeship with us and has very kindly agreed to keep you all up to date.


Katy Nixon - Apprenticeship Story

Yes, it’s this time of the month again,  time just flies by!

Since my previous blog I have passed my practical driving test on my first go!  As you can imagine I was absolutely buzzing and had to make a Maccies trip.  After passing my test, I had to wait at home in anticipation for mam to text to confirm the insurance had gone through so I could finally get on the road.  First thing, go round and surprise my grandma since she had no idea when I was taking my test.  My little fave, she is. Even though I’ve passed my test I’m still getting the lectures from my dad about road safety…guess it’s the Driving Instructor in him.

The day after my test I had a day of Level 2 Risk Assessment at SP Training.  This training day was more enjoyable than I thought it would be due to the way it was set up.  I wasn’t sat listening to some mush reading a PowerPoint word for word all day.  There were different activities throughout the day.  Then you sat a little test at the end.

It’s coming up to almost six months since I started my apprenticeship. That’s actual mad. Certainty does not feel like that length of time. Well, howay it’s nearly Christmas man!!!

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