Katy’s Blog – part 3

We  thought the best way for everyone to understand what goes on during an apprenticeship was to get one of our apprentices point of view. Katy is doing her Supply Chain Warehouse Operative apprenticeship with us and has very kindly agreed to keep you all up to date.


Katy Nixon - Apprenticeship Story

Like I mentioned in my previous post I was at SP Training on the 1st of September. This day was based on ‘Using Equipment’.  The morning consisted of a presentation and the afternoon was an assessment on the fork lift truck.  Due to finishing early I got to have a go on a telehandler which you can see below.

I started my apprenticeship just over three months ago, and every three months Jayne and Claire come to my workplace for a progress review. The review covered the different parts of my apprenticeship, if there had been any accidents, if I was on target, what other training I needed to attend and what my employer thought of my progress. It went very well and both me and my employer where happy with my progress.  I’m not gonna lie I did panic about it a little bit, but there was no reason to.  I didn’t really know what the review was, I’m not the brightest spark when it comes to common sense.

Every month as an apprentice I get sent ‘Hot Topics’ from SP Training to look at. One of September’s hot topics was nomophobia, the fear of being without your mobile phone.  In the article you can answer a list of questions to see if you had it. If you did was it mild, moderate or severe.  After completing the questions, as many people who know me will have guessed, I have severe nomophobia.  Ooops.

As the months go by I am getting more confident doing the different jobs in my workplace.  I have my own suppliers to look after and the stock they supply.  I would just like to say thank you for all your nice comments too, they are always great to read.

Katy Nixon - Telehandler Lesson Katy Nixon - Telehandler Lesson

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