Katy’s Blog – part 4

We  thought the best way for everyone to understand what goes on during an apprenticeship was to get one of our apprentices point of view. Katy is doing her Supply Chain Warehouse Operative apprenticeship with us and has very kindly agreed to keep you all up to date.


Katy Nixon - Apprenticeship Story

I am four months into my apprenticeship at G.D.M Dunglinson via SP Training.  These past few months have flown by, like it doesn’t feel four months ago when I was sat doing my induction with Jayne.  It proves I am enjoying my apprenticeship and it isn’t dragging.  I come into work on a Monday morning looking average because I’m too tired to make myself look anything better than a four out of ten.  Next thing you know it’s 5pm on a Friday evening again!

When I first started at G.D.M Dunglinson I had problems locating stock, obviously there are thousands of items in the warehouse, shop and stores, and I had no chance of remembering every single one.  I was allowed to put a new system in place to make it easier to find everything. My solution was giving every stock item a location ID.  I gave each row a letter A-H then each block section a number 1-7.  That gives you A1, A2 and so on.  I then inputted each parts location onto the system, so now when you search for the part you can go straight to that section to find it there and it makes life easier.

Last week, I spent a day at SP Training looking at environmental management.  On the day we had to list the types of waste produced at work and the best manor to deal with them.  We also looked at the consequences of poor housekeeping and how it affects people, your work environment and the environment. We went into the warehouse to determine what packing facilities were best for which product.  When someone says you are doing a day on recycling you automatically think, I’ll get my pillow ready, well I did.  But believe it or not the day was good!  It was also a change from being sat in my uniform all day as I do love my clothes.  Especially my 11 Degrees and Gym King, maybe just a tad obsessed.

Looking back now and thinking “Did I make the right decision or should I have looked elsewhere?” I for sure made the right choice! I feel like I have landed on my feet in a way.

Thanks for reading.

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