The Functional Skills Academy has now landed at SP Training! We are now offering our Functional Skills training to other training providers, colleges and organisations who would like to outsource their functional skills.

Let us train your Apprentices to achieve their maths and English requirements, meaning you can focus on your specialist Apprenticeship delivery. Our highly qualified maths and English tutors will deliver the amazing results you require.


What are Functional Skills?

Functional Skills are nationally recognised English and maths qualifications equivalent to GCSEs. Achieving English and maths at levels 1 and 2 opens a world of opportunity – including access to training programmes and career progression routes! This training is available to anyone who wishes to upskill themselves.


Check out our pass rates!

Level 1

  • English – 93% pass rate (vs 65% national average)
  • Maths – 88% pass rate (vs 40% national average)

Level 2

  • English – 75% pass rate (vs 74% national average)
  • Maths – 78% pass rate (vs 39% national average)


Why do people choose to study Functional Skills?

There are a variety of reasons that people choose to study and achieve functional skills, including:

  • It takes less time to achieve a Functional Skill than a GCSE
  • Exams are on demand with flexible invigilation methods
  • To access apprenticeships, further training or university
  • To unlock job opportunities requiring level 2 English and maths
  • To evidence their commitment to continuing professional development
  • To be able to help their children with English and maths homework
  • For fun and a sense of achievement!


How long will it take to achieve this qualification?

We aim for learners to achieve your functional skills qualification within three months. This can vary – learners may pass in a few short weeks, or need extra support to reach the required level. Learners have a six months from starting to sit your exams, so they will need to be mindful of this deadline.


What is the Functional Skills Course Content and Learner Journey?

➢ Learners will undertake a BKSB initial assessment (Maths and/or English). This will tell the Tutor what level the learner is currently at.

➢ Learners are then invited to a 1-2-1 tutor session to discuss the outcome of the assessment, taken through the Functional Skills programme and set up on our online learning system, OLLIE.

➢ Learning begins with self-directed, online modules. This requires 20 – 25 hours of online learning, which can be done at the learner’s own pace.

➢ At around the halfway point of the online learning, Tutors will schedule a 30 minute 1-2-1 coaching session to check progress and arrange a Power Week.

➢ Power Week is a high intensity final push delivered by Tutors via live-online lessons over Zoom. These 5-day sessions (Monday – Friday, 9am – 4pm with breaks) are live on screen and will be attended by other learners as an online classroom. This will be concluded with an online exam.

➢ Exam results usually take around 10 working days and includes one free re-sit.


How much does it cost?

All Apprenticeship providers receive £470 per learner per Functional Skill. This is the only cost that we will ask from you!


Hear from our past learners!

“Thanks for all your help and the 121 sessions for maths. It will help me in life. I have learnt from you and Jade thank you. Also, the English – thank you James. The knowledge was very helpful.”

“The tutors were very friendly and explained things well, always checked we had understood before moving on to next part or subject. I have not done any real learning in 30 years so just getting back into learning really. It should allow me to be more professional in my work when sending communications.”

“The Functional Skills Academy was relaxed and Jade and Paul were very patient. It has jogged my memory on things I had forgotten, simple things that I can use every day.”


Contact us today!

If you are interested in referring learners to us for training or if you would like more information about how this all works and what to expect, then please get in touch today.

Email us at or call us on 01228 530 552.



If you are interested in doing a Logistics Apprenticeship through us, find out more information here.

We also offer Education Apprenticeships through System People Apprenticeships.


"We find the team at SP Training to be highly experienced, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Their understanding of our training needs and the logistics sector in general is second to none. With an innovative and flexible approach to our requirements this makes them an ideal business partner and our training provider of choice."

Neil Robinson, Director – Tyson H. Burridge

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