National Road Victim Awareness Month

Donna-Marie Brown     1st August 2019

National Road Victims Month

Which month do you think the most road traffic accidents occur?  You might expect the answer to be one of the winter months because ice and snow increase the risks to road users. However, it is August that usually sees more fatalities on UK roads than any other month. For this reason, road traffic accident…

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Donna-Marie Brown     8th August 2017

The Green Cross Code

The Green Cross Code was created to raise awareness of pedestrian road safety in the United Kingdom. Even though the Green Cross Code is taught in schools it needs to be reinforced at home by parents/guardians practicing and explaining the code to children. In 2015, 39% of child road casualties were pedestrians that is 6,280. Help stop your child being…

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Donna-Marie Brown     4th August 2017

What to Do at a Road Traffic Accident

Hopefully you will never be involved in a road traffic accident but what if you are? What would you do if were the first, or the only, person to arrive at the scene of an accident? Do not panic we have some basic advice to help keep yourself safe and save lives. Warn Others Park…

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