Bespoke training built just for your with the Driver CPC Consortium!

Do you send your drivers to external training companies for Driver CPC courses?

Do you have experienced trainers within the business, that could potentially upskill to deliver Driver CPC courses?

Do you have a site with a room suitable as a classroom for up to 20 people?

If your answer to the above is yes, then join the
SP Training Driver CPC Consortium!

In-house Driver Training with the Driver CPC Consortium

Get bespoke training created by the best in the industry for you to apply in-house! We build the training for you, we provide you all the tools you need, YOU run the course. All with the SP Training Driver CPC Consortium!

This is ideal for large businesses who have high costs for training!

Most businesses don’t consider delivering their own Driver CPC Courses because of the perceived barriers of delivering it in-house. By joining the SP Training Driver CPC Consortium, we can work with you and solve these problems!


The costs and administration of dealing with JAUPT

          ✔ SP Training will deal with ALL administration, including all courses, registration, and upload of CPC hours

Difficulty creating session plans with relevant and engaging presentations

          ✔ SP Training will provide expert training guidance in bespoke course creation! Including approval with JAUPT, creation of session plans AND creating engaging presentations that add genuine value to the business

No access to pre-approved courses and materials for delivery

          ✔ SP Training have a catalogue of pre-approved JAUPT registered courses, ready for delivery!

Under-qualified personnel who are unable to deliver the courses

          ✔ SP Training will provide Train the Trainer support to ensure your employees deliver Driver CPC Courses to the high standard of our Consortium and JAUPT!


It’s a simple fact that Drivers MUST do 35 hours of Driver CPC training every 5 years. Use the opportunity of having all your drivers in the room to teach them something that brings real value to the business!

Save your business a huge amount of money when compared to drivers attending stand-alone courses at independent training providers.

Save money and get results!

SP Training Driver CPC Consortium provides you with a flexible, cost-effective method of delivering in-house training using your own trainers. We will supply you with everything you need including high quality courses, administration, quality audit and instructor training development.


Why Join the SP Training Driver CPC Consortium?


Cost Effective

Save money by joining the SP Training Consortium! We offer significant savings compared to drivers’ attending stand-alone courses. Save on JAUPT costs, travel costs and the requirement for specialist knowledge. We share it across Consortium members while providing high-quality courses, ensuring our training materials are industry leading.

Contact us today to find out exactly how much YOU could save.

Bespoke Course Development

SP Training will work closely with you and your team to find the best courses for your business. Intelligently apply your training to deliver tangible results and savings! We can support the design of bespoke courses that target YOUR specific objectives. This will reduce injuries, reduce costs, AND improve profitability.

Courses can support compliance and be dual-branded, as well as including corporate philosophy and cultural values.

Trainer Development, Quality Assurance & Support

We will support you throughout the whole process, including auditing and mentoring for trainers. This is designed to maintain JAUPT compliance as well as ensuring quality and consistency of delivery. Your trainers will also have access to specialist SP Training mentors who can advise and support throughout. This can be anything from course delivery to Driver CPC compliance.


Think the Driver CPC Consortium could deliver genuine value to your business?

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