New HGV drivers to be allowed to go straight to artic test

Some rules about learning to drive an HGV and bus or coach are going to change on 15 November 2021 (subject to Parliamentary approval). The changes affect:

  • what you’re allowed to learn to drive and take your driving test in
  • how the driving test works

From the 15th of November, the DVSA will be pulling out another stop to help combat the driver shortage and supply prospective drivers with their licenses as quickly as possible. 

Although subject to parliamentary approval, candidates will start learning to drive in an articulated lorry instead of a rigid, and drivers will also take their test in an arctic without having to pass a test in a large rigid lorry first.

When you pass your test in a large articulated lorry, you’ll then be allowed to drive:

  • a medium-sized lorry (C1)
  • a medium-sized lorry towing a trailer (C1E)
  • a large rigid lorry (C)
  • a large articulated lorry (CE)

In addition, changes in the law mean drivers can learn to drive a medium-sized lorry towing a trailer and take the test in one without first passing a test in a medium-sized lorry.

Last month, when the government announced its proposal to allow drivers to take one test to drive both an artic and rigid lorry, it said the move would make around 20,000 more HGV driving tests available every year and help drivers enter the industry more quickly. 

Stay tuned for further updates…

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