Local motorcycling legend John McGuinnes acquires LGV Licence with SP Training

Recently, we worked with John McGuinnes, English specialist Isle of Man TT professional and solo motorcycle rider to help him achieve his LGV Driving Licence.

We caught up with John post acquiring his licence to find out a bit more about why he wanted to be able to drive an Large Goods Vehicle (LGV)! Read the full Q+A below:

John McGuinness with SP Training’s Chairman, Robin Brown.

Why did you decide to acquire your LGV Licence with SP Training?

“I have always wanted to get my class 1 Licence. I grew up around trucks a little bit with my Uncle and he had an old six-wheeler! I used to just love sitting with him and i always wanted to get it. I started motorbike racing and lots of other things going on so had different priorities. Always in the back of my head, I wanted to do it and luckily the opportunity came along to do it with SP Training. It’s another box ticked – so that’s pretty cool and I really enjoyed it”

What did you find most challenging about the process?

“Had to be the theory test! They sent me the online app to revise so i did my homework on it! After an initial panic and calling up SP Traiing worrying that i was going to fail, they advised my to just keep training, keep studying. So I did – and we got there!”

 Did you put a lot of revision in?

“I did. Probably not as much as I should have done. Holding me hand up as you do. But I did. I did do a bit of studying and then when i did all three modules all in one day.”

How did you find the practical test? 

“It was superb. I thought the instructing was straight forward. It was precise, it was easy, they made me feel at ease. You know i’m a happy go sort of guy. I like a bit of banter, a bit of fun. Obviously when it gets serious, its got to be serious. So my instructor Carl, he was into his bikes a little bit so i always felt it was a bit easier. And I learned a lot. I actually learned a lot about the road. You think you know a lot, but you don’t. I got one minor and yeah it felt good. Felt like winning a race.”

What advice would you give to people who are wanting to acquire an LGV licence? Any top tips?

“Well if you want it and you are passionate about it and you know it’s definitely a Cumbrian based SP Training, I couldn’t recommend it enough. I really didn’t know what to expect. I have done a lot of things in my racing career but again this was me out of my comfort zone but they definitely made me feel welcome and you know don’t stress yourself out about it.

Just listen to the guys at SP Training. If you want to do it you will do it. These guys will get you through it, they will talk you through it and if you listen and do everything as per what they say, you will come away with the certificate that says you have passed im sure.”

So now you’ve got your licence and your little Truck. What do you plan to do with that?

“I have a big American motor-home l so it makes me feel a lot easier now that i’ve got. It’s a big eighteen tonne truck so now I’ve got the right license, I can just sort of stick my head up high and cruise along.”

Where would you like to go in your Motor-home?

 “Well I use it all the time for racing, so we’ve travelled everywhere in it. Been all the way through Europe…. Stay tuned to see where too next!”

No actual vacations? To relax?

*laughs*  Yeah the odd time we use it for holidays. When I was 30 when i did world championship racing  I lived in one for two years with a small boy, new family and things, so i love it. I feel like king of the road!

In terms of your motor biking, what’s coming up? What have you got to look forward to?

“Yeah, I think the diary is filling up with lots of things. I’ve just done a deal to ride for Honda, which is potentially a five-year deal. I’ve been flat out, over in the Isle of Man, doing some work over there for the oncoming TT.

So yeah we’ve got the Northwest two hundred, we’ve got the TT, got some British Superstock, Championship racing coming up, we’ve got the Goodwood revival, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Classic TT, Maybe.. Grand Prix at the end of the year. We’re busy.”

Interested in getting your LGV Licence? Check out how to gain your licence or contact info@sptraininguk.com


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