10 Reasons Why You Should Get ‘The Edge’ Funded Training

As most of you probably know by now ‘The Edge’ is back! Once again we have been out and about letting you know what we have on offer and finding out what training you need. But why would you want to take us up on the offer of training?

1 – It’s Not Just One Provider

‘The Edge’ works differently to other funded programmes. You don’t have to go through only one provider to get funding. ‘The Edge’ works so well because all the big training providers in Cumbria work together to make sure you are getting the training you need. You can have one employee doing their Risk Assessment training with us while another does IT training with Carlisle College, all coming from the same funding pot. Which means less paperwork for you!

2 – Cumbria Wide Training

Because ‘The Edge’ is made up of training providers from all over Cumbria it means the training is delivered across Cumbria. Many courses can be delivered on your site, online or even via distance learning. It’s easy to see which courses are being delivered close to you because you can filter the courses by location on the website.

3 – Course Variety

I’m sure whatever training provider has approached you that you have thought ‘but I don’t need any of the training you offer’. But, as I said above it doesn’t all have to come from one provider.  The Edge has at least 17 different training providers helping to deliver a wide variety of courses. You can do anything from driving/logistics training to hair and beauty. Accountancy qualifications – they do it. Management training – they do it. Hospitality courses – they do them

4 – European Money

The funding comes from the European Social Fund (ESF). Brexit is happening so this will be our last round of funding from Europe. Get it while you still can!

5 – Free Training

Because all ‘The Edge’ training is funded it is completely free.  Do I really need to tell you why that’s a good thing? Let’s face it we all love a freebie.

6 – It’s Easy

We’ve found people are concerned about what they need to do to get the free training and it is honestly nowhere near as difficult/time consuming as you may think. Firstly one of our advisors will come out to see you to discuss what sort of training you would need to make your business more competitive and profitable. If it is training we can deliver we will give you course dates and arrange to sign up your employees for the training. If we cannot deliver the training you are requesting your information is passed on to other providers who potentially can.

7 – Your Life Will Be Made Easier

This is a bit selfish, but it is true. If your staff are well trained, you or your managers will be able to leave them to do what they are being paid to do without worrying that they may not be doing it right or wasting valuable time and resources on having to supervise undertrained employees.

8 – Upskill Your Staff

Whether it is new employees learning skills for the first time or newly promoted staff the edge can deliver the new skills to perform their new role effectively? Training for newly promoted employees is beneficial to both the Company and the employee in terms of productivity, effectiveness and efficiency.

No matter what industry you work in, having skilled staff to call on will always be a crucial consideration for your business and by creating a culture of constant learning, you can keep skills current, stay ahead of changes in your sector and continue to move onwards and upwards.

9 – Your Employees Will Thank You for It

If staff are properly trained, they will be able to meet deadlines, increase productivity, and work better all round. They will also be grateful for the opportunities training brings them and more likely to stay loyal to your firm.

10 – Win an Award!

Last time round there was a fabulous awards dinner when we finished the funding. Now I’m not in charge of these things so I can’t promise there will be an awards dinner this time around, but I’ve got my fingers crossed. And if there is a dinner you could be the winner of a beautiful edge award and who doesn’t like to be given an award?


The Edge project is funded by the European Social Fund, co-financed by the Education & Skills Funding Agency and commissioned by Cumbria LEP.
The Edge project is receiving up to £8.5million of funding as part of the 2014-2020 European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme in England.

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