What do I need to do to get a coach licence


PCV Medical – Before you begin training you will be required to pass a routine PCV medical examination. You can do this at your local doctors or visit the Fit2DriveMedicals website to book a slot locally or call them on 01254 825241.


Provisional License Application – You will need to apply for a provisional entitlement before you can start. We can help you submit the necessary paperwork (free of charge) to get your entitlement if you wish. You can get your medical and provisional licence application forms by clicking here, calling in at our offices or you can download your medical form here.

Your driving licence will usually be back within 3 weeks of DVLA receiving your application. It can take longer if your health or personal details which need to be checked.


Part 1 – Driver CPC Theory Test – You will also need to pass a 100 question theory test and a hazard perception test prior to beginning practical skills training. We offer theory test preparation classes for those interested in taking them.


Part 2 – Driver CPC Case Study Test – The test is made up of 7 case studies you work through on a computer. You’ll be asked between 6 and 8 multiple-choice questions on each case study.


Part 3 – Practical PCV Test – This is the practical training and test element to obtain your entitlement to drive either a minibus (cat D1) up to 16 seats or any bus (cat D) with more than 8 passenger seats and with a trailer up to 750kg. This course can be gauged by assessment or be a standard 5 days.


Part 4 – Practical Demonstration – You’re tested on being able to load the vehicle following safety rules and to keep it secure, stop trafficking in illegal immigrants, assess emergency situations and do a walkaround vehicle safety check.

For a downloadable version of the above information click here

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