Find out everything you need to know about the Cat C1 Licence! From what it is, how to train for it and how much it costs.


What is a Cat C1 Licence?

The C1 driving licence covers driving a rigid vehicle of up to 7.5 tonnes and a trailer of up to 750kg. Obtaining your C1 licence means that you will be able to drive a medium-sized vehicle of 3,500kg up to 7,500kg! This opens up a range of jobs for you, including delivery driver, paramedic or ambulance driver.


What do I need to do to get my Cat C1 Licence?

The information below shows you the steps you need to take to earn your Cat C1 licence and the associated costs!


Step 1: Provisional Licence Application

Before you can commence your driver training, you need to apply for a provisional licence:

Provisional licence application (D2 Form)

You will need to complete a provisional licence application. You can get the application from this link, most post offices, or you can call into our offices and we will give you a form. We can provide support in completing and submitting the form if required. This is then sent to the DVLA along with your completed medical and your photocard licence.

LGV Medical (D4 Form)

As part of your provisional licence application, you are required to complete a routine LGV medical assessment. You can do this at your own GP or by visiting to book a slot locally or for national requirements.


Step 2: Theory Training and Test for Cat C1 Licence

Once you have received your provisional licence, you need to successfully complete your theory & hazard perception test before you can commence your practical training.

Starter Package – £175 (Inc VAT)

Our starter package includes access to our online training platform to prepare for all elements of modules 1 & 2. The package also includes the test fees for Theory, Hazard Perception and Case Study elements, you need to complete each element before progressing to practical training.

Module 2 – Driver CPC case study test

The test is made up of 7 case studies you work through on a computer. You’ll be asked between 6 and 8 multiple-choice questions on each case study.


Step 3: Practical Training for Cat C Rigid Licence

Once you have completed modules 1 & 2 you can progress to your Mod 3 Practical training and test:

3 x ½ day practical training £979 (incl VAT & Test)


Step 4: Module 4 Training

In order to complete your training and gain your Class C Rigid Licence you need to complete your Mod 4:

Module 4 – Practical demonstration

You’re tested on being able to load the vehicle safely and to keep it secure, ensuring no stowage of illegal immigrants, assess emergency situations and do a walk around vehicle safety check.

Module 4 Package £235 (incl VAT & Test)


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