Interview with a Transport Supervisor Apprentice!

We recently spoke to one of our wonderful Apprentices, Charlie Durrington, following her work with our Apprenticeship team! She gives us some insights into how she how found her apprenticeship in general and working with SP Training!


Hi Charlie, thanks for talking with us today! Could you let us know what Apprenticeship you are doing with us?

I have been doing the Transport Supervisor Apprenticeship for around 12 months now.


What were you doing prior to this Apprenticeship?

I started in the transport industry on a graduate scheme, and then have managed in various vehicle-related roles since.


Why did you decide to do a Transport Supervisor Apprenticeship?

I have worked in or around transport for most of my working career but have never been involved in driving hours and rules. I wanted to gain more understanding of the rules and regulations and thought the apprenticeship would be a good start for this.


How did you find the learning process with SP Training?

SP training have been great, always on hand to answer any questions and have been very supportive throughout. Ollie has been easy to use overall with only minor issues!


What challenges have you faced as an Apprentice?

None really, it is hard to find the time sometimes, but it helps that it is in bite-sized chunks.


What are your plans going forward?

I hope to learn as much as possible from the course and potentially become a transport manager soon after.


Is there anything you would say to someone considering doing this same Apprenticeship?

Keep at it. It may look like a lot of work and the CPC course is hard but there is always support if needed.


Any final thoughts on doing this Apprenticeship?

I would recommend it to anyone wanting to gain more knowledge in the transport sector and wanting to build on their skills.


“Charlie has been a conscientious learner from the start, asking questions when she needs to and coming to me with any issues she was having, even if they were only minor. I appreciate her approach and continuous hard work, especially passing the CPC, which is an achievement in itself! Well done Charlie.” Leadership and Management Tutor, Marie Kerwick

Thanks so much to Charlie for talking with us, and good luck with completing her Apprenticeship!


If you would like to find out more about Transport Supervisor Apprenticeships, check out all the information here. The Level 3 tailored logistics apprenticeship is a 13-month programme that has been created to meet employers’ requirements while minimising the disruption to the business.

The Transport Manager CPC element of the programme offers 10 days of “off the job” training. The rest of the training is then formulated by attending planned-in virtual classroom sessions, online learning and on-the-job “buddy” training.

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