Applicant Types for LGV Skills Bootcamp

We welcome applicants from various backgrounds and employment situations. Understanding the different applicant types can help you determine the best pathway for your training. Here are the three applicant types:

Type 1: Co-Funded

Description: Co-funded applicants remain with their current employer but transition to a new role after completing the training. Since the employer benefits from the applicant’s new skills, they are required to contribute towards the cost of training.

Contribution from Employers:

Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) with under 250 employees contribute 10% of the training cost.

Large companies contribute 30% of the training cost.

Type 2: Fully Funded

Description: Fully funded candidates receive 100% funding for their training. However, they must secure a job offer with a new employer before you can apply for the program. This arrangement is classified as a referral, and there is no charge to the potential new employer.

Type 3: Self-Employed

Description: Self-employed individuals who see the opportunity to develop new business opportunities through the LGV Skills Bootcamp can participate as co-funded candidates. In this case, their own business covers 10% of the training fee.

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