What is a Transport Manager CPC Qualification?

Is the Transport Manager CPC Qualification something that you need in your business? Not sure why you would need it? Find out below all about which businesses require this qualification and how to get it!


Why do I need a Transport Manager CPC Qualification?


Essentially, Transport Managers are required in any business that have a Standard Operator’s Licence (for the UK) or an International Operator’s Licence, or O Licence (for the EU).

The Standard Operator’s Licence is required if your business is operating vehicles over 3.5 tonnes MAM (Maximum Authorised Mass) and transferring goods (either your own or other people’s) for hire or reward.

The International Operator’s Licence comes into effect if you are operating within the EU. Be aware that the rules have changed so the limit drops to 2.5 tonne MAM outside of the UK!

Similar rules will apply for passenger carrying vehicles (i.e. buses or coaches) that are transporting passengers for hire or reward, though this will consist of a different exam to road haulage. If you have a business that deals in both road haulage and road passenger transport, you will need to take both types of CPC exam.

If you hold any of these licences, you are required to have a dedicated Transport Manager within the business. This is where the Management CPC Qualification comes in.


So, what is the Transport Manager CPC Course?


For both road haulage and passenger carrying vehicles, you are required to pass the Transport Management CPC exam. On it you will need to know the skills required to meet the criteria for an approved Transport Manager.

  • The civil, commercial, social and fiscal laws on road haulage or passenger transport
  • Business and money management
  • The paperwork needed to take goods or passengers out of the UK
  • Road haulage or passenger vehicle standards
  • Road safety

We recommend that prior to this exam you take part in a training course that will prepare you for everything that will happen on the exam.


Transport Manager CPC Training with SP Training


SP Training Management CPC courses are recognised for their quality and high pass rates and so come highly recommended! Our training is delivered by extremely experienced and highly qualified tutors who support candidates throughout a 10-day course.

Days 1 – 6

The first 6 days will be covering 30 modules of the course via tutor-led sessions in a classroom environment alongside other candidates.

Days 7-9

The next part of the course is to prepare for the case study exam. You will discuss techniques to answer potential questions and work off some previous test papers. This gives learners an idea of how to structure their answers under exam conditions.

Day 10

Exam day! You will sit down with a multiple-choice exam consisting of 60 questions. This exam will take 2 hours, and requires a 42 (or 70%) to pass. This is then followed by the case study exam, which is 5-8 questions covering national and international scenarios. The exam lasts 2 hours and 15 minutes and has a pass mark of between 28 and 31, depending on the paper.


Why choose SP Training?


Our Management CPC Skills Bootcamps are part of the government’s Lifetime Skills Guarantee, helping everyone gain Skills for Life for Cumbrian based businesses

We’re able to offer the course with the addition of OLLIE, our Online Interactive Learning Environment to help candidates become familiar with information within the course prior to beginning the tutor-led sessions. This is something that is currently used within our Apprenticeship cohorts and has actively improved pass rates.


How much does it cost?


Please contact us for a full cost breakdown, but this can be used as a rough overview of pricing and funding!

Skills Bootcamp Courses are funded 90% for SMEs, costing only £153.75 + VAT. This includes:

  • free re-sit, if required
  • access to OLLIE
  • wrap around support
  • the 10 day course

Large companies can also apply (that is companies over 250 employees) with a 70% funded price at £461.25 + VAT.

Please note!

We are taking bookings for our 27th February – 10th March Road Haulage course. Spaces are limited so please get in touch today to secure your place.

If you don’t have somebody within the business that you would like to upskill, but you do have somebody that you want to employ as a Transport Manager, that person can be 100% funded into the business as a new employee.

You can also access this course as a fully funded apprenticeship if you’re employer is keen to support you with the Transport Supervisor L3 Apprenticeship.

Find out more about booking on to our Management CPC Course or contact us today!



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