How to fast-track your application and start your driver training!


Being on a waiting list can be frustrating, but it doesn’t mean you’re out of the running. In fact, it’s an opportunity for you to take proactive steps to move things along. One of the most effective ways to do this is by reaching out and speaking directly to potential employers.

First and foremost, contacting potential employers demonstrates your continued enthusiasm and interest in the Skills Bootcamp. It shows that you’re proactive, motivated, and eager to move forward in the process. This can make a positive impression and set you apart from other candidates.

If you’re serious about securing a place in the skills bootcamp program and achieving a positive job outcome, don’t wait for things to happen – make them happen. Take proactive steps to reach out to potential employers, showcase your enthusiasm and skills, and seize opportunities to stand out from the crowd. Your proactive approach could be the key to unlocking a bright future filled with exciting opportunities and career success.

You can update your status by completing the simple form below:

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Future job outcome is an essential part of the Skills Bootcamp program. You can greatly increase your chance of securing a place by connecting to potential future employers. If you are able to do this and are successful in securing potential employment as a driver that is relevant to your training please contact our bootcamp team and let them know.

"We find the team at SP Training to be highly experienced, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Their understanding of our training needs and the logistics sector in general is second to none. With an innovative and flexible approach to our requirements this makes them an ideal business partner and our training provider of choice."

Neil Robinson, Director – Tyson H. Burridge

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