Did you know that there is funding available for employers in England to fund company HGV Apprenticeships and driver training?

There are many individuals in the logistics sector who do not know about HGV Apprenticeships funding or are confused how to apply for it. As a result, businesses across the UK are losing out on the equivalent of £1.1 billion per year! Our mission is to support businesses like yours to access the right government funding and apply it to successful HGV Driver Training solutions.

Apply for either HGV Apprenticeships or Skills for Life Bootcamp funding to fund your driver training!

Create a professional programme and ease your driver shortage. Get support from our expert logistics consultants in a cost effective way. Let us help you create a driver training school for your business you can be proud of! You will be able to offer employees industry leading training schemes to boost their career and aid your succession planning.

With our support, you can also access funding for a professional leadership programme to train your Transport Managers to gain their MCPC.

Use our understanding of government funding and our years supporting logistics clients – let us help you!

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SP HGV Apprenticeships Driver Training

Funding Stream 1 – Apprenticeship Levy Funding

Use HGV Apprenticeships funding to create a HGV Driver training scheme bespoke for your business! Offer your employees a professional, 13 month driver training programme to be proud of.

If you are an apprenticeship Levy paying employer then all of the training is FREE subject to enough funding existing in your digital account. Companies with an employee pay bill above £3m a year now pay into this levy and your accounts team should be able to confirm if you pay into this pot.

If you don’t pay the apprenticeship Levy, then the training can still be free if candidates are under 19 years old. If they are 19 or over then you will still only pay 5% of the costs, which means you will receive a 95% subsidy. You only pay £400 towards the training costs for 1 employee to gain their HGV licence!

There are no catches or hidden costs, just good quality training in skills and qualifications you need for your workforce.


How does this work for your employees?


HGV ApprenticeEmployees will continue to gain their licence in the first few months locally after their theory test – the only difference is that they will continue on a funded programme delivered by our expert logistics Tutors at SP Training. This includes:

•  Interactive online learning modules (carried out at suitable times for the business)

•  5 scheduled Driver CPC workshops during the remainder of the programme

•  The 5 workshops can be JAUPT uploaded (for a small fee per person), granting 10 years of Driver CPC!

•  Consolidated by a driving assessment from Skills for Logistics for highly competent and professional drivers!

All the costs of the theory, practical Driver CPC workshops and final assessment is covered by the funding. This is open to employees of all ages and is subject to individuals holding a Level 1 (GCSE Grade D or new GCSE Grade 3) in maths and English before they sit the practical test. Support for maths and English is offered and covered by the funding subject to a skills assessment.


Do you already have an internal driver training function? No problem! Your internal trainers can continue to deliver the practical element as usual and we will pay you a set agreed amount from the funding to operate as a subcontractor. If you are looking to improve your internal driving function, we also offer expert driver trainer courses at discounted prices. Our apprenticeship clients can upskill their driver trainers and standardise training across depots.


Download our HGV Apprenticeship PDF.


Funding Stream 2 – Skills for Life Bootcamp Funding

If you have your own driver training function already, we can support you to secure Skills for Life Bootcamp funding! This 16 week scheme is currently on offer to help easy the driver shortage in England.

Your trainers will deliver the training as usual while we can secure funding for you which will cover ALL elements of the licence acquisition. This includes:

  • Medical test
  • Provisional licence
  • Theory test
  • Hazard perception
  • Case studies training and official tests
  • Industry specific knowledge training
  • Practical driving training and practice
  • CPC training and certification

You can also apply this funding to current employees! Offer them a licence upgrade from Cat C to C+E as well as Car to C or C+E.

The benefit of Bootcamp funding is that it can also be applied to potential new recruits (non-employees), who you can employ after they successfully gain their licence. This is open to individuals of all ages and is not subject to any maths or English requirements or checks.

This is an excellent option for clients with an existing internal driving school!


Hear from our Customers!

“We launched the LGV Bootcamps training in partnership with SP Training… we were able to source and select 50 final applicants who joined the scheme to qualify and join our team. ​The Skills for Life LGV Bootcamp scheme has been a game changer for us and are proud to have trained 43 new LGV Drivers through this scheme so far. ​We have been overwhelmed by the quality of applicants we have received. It is exciting to see so many fresh and motivated people join our industry!”​

Greg Mason, National Driver Training Manager, AW Jenkinson Forest Products, Oct 2022

“Being involved in this HGV Apprenticeship programme has been one of highlights of my year, I am immensely proud of all our new drivers, but am also proud of the incredible support and training we have received from SP Training and their incredible team!”​

Rachel Haldenby, Apprenticeship Advisor, Learning and Development, Co-op Business Services, ​Dec 2022


Are you interested in how we can help you and your business?

Contact our Commercial Director, Lyndsey Fitheridge, for an informal chat to find out more on 07749705236 or lyndsey.fitheridge@sptraininguk.com


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"We find the team at SP Training to be highly experienced, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Their understanding of our training needs and the logistics sector in general is second to none. With an innovative and flexible approach to our requirements this makes them an ideal business partner and our training provider of choice."

Neil Robinson, Director – Tyson H. Burridge

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