Welcome to the Functional Skills Academy and thank you for applying for an apprenticeship with us!


One of the first steps in your application is to complete initial assessments in English and mathematics. This gives us valuable information about your starting points, so we can plan your learning journey based on your individual needs.

It is natural to feel a little nervous about taking your initial assessments, especially if it has been a while since you were in education. This page is to help you refresh your knowledge of the key topics you can expect to find on the assessments, to help you achieve the best outcome.

Please feel free to use the resources on this page to warm up your skills before undertaking the assessments.

When you do complete your assessments, please take your time and try your best to answer every question. It is important that your results are as accurate as possible, so we can use these to decide which apprenticeship is most suitable for you.


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Helpful documents


Video Tutorials


Perimeter Area Volume


Mean, Mode, Median, Range




Finding Percentages




Add, Subtract, Multiply, Divide






Helpful Documents


Tense in English


Subject Verb Agreement


Irregular Plurals




Capital Letters and Full Stops




Identifying Information in Texts


Question Marks and Exclamation Marks


Writer’s Opinion in Texts



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