Cumbria Training Alliance – Tackling the Driver Shortage in West Cumbria

The Cumbria Training Alliance is the brand-new collaborative training partnership set up between SP Training and Tyson H Burridge! With this partnership, businesses can now access high quality logistics training services across Cumbria.

SP Training is one of the largest logistics training companies in the UK, always providing expert training across a variety of courses. Utilising our expert knowledge within logistics training, the CTA is able offer a huge range of training services, all at competitive prices.


Who is involved in the partnership?

SP Training and Tyson H Burridge are heavily involved in logistics, being founding members of the Cumbria Transport Group. Through the CTG we provide insight into the local Cumbrian logistics industry. The group consists of local businesses and government representatives that have come together to support each other. By sharing knowledge, CTG creates a local Cumbrian voice that can be heard across the wider transport industry.

Both businesses have been working out of Cumbria for many years, with SP Training recently celebrating their 20th Anniversary and Tyson H Burridge being founded in 1963. Tyson H Burridge has since created regular long-distance transport services operated between Cumbria and the major areas of the UK mainland.


“As Chair of Cumbria Transport Group and Cumbria LEP Logistics Sector Panel, I am committed to promoting the Cumbrian Logistics sector and developing training strategies for the industry. By creating the CTA, we are now able to offer funded and non-funded LGV licence training and testing from our Workington site. With high quality training provided by SP Training, we aim to expand and uplift the logistics industry in Cumbria.” Neil Robinson, Managing Director at Tyson H Burridge.


What training is the Cumbria Training Alliance providing?

Since January, CTA has been providing training through the HGV Skills for Life Bootcamps, allowing learners to access government funding on their journey to become a HGV driver. We have already had four people pass through the Workington site, working incredibly hard with our expert driver trainers.

The fully funded HGV Bootcamps give businesses access to funding for HGV training, either C+E or C licences. This funding includes the full medical, theory and practical training, getting people road-ready in less than 16 weeks!


Find out more information about our current Bootcamp vacancies at the Workington site here.


Congratulations to all who have passed with us and good luck to those currently training!

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