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Fully JAUPT accredited and DVSA approved courses for both LGV and PCV drivers, delivered online by our trainers using interactive platforms.

Online Driver CPC courses are delivered by our specialist division Logistics Training UK which we have set up specifically to deliver the highest-quality online Driver CPC training courses via Zoom. Clicking on the booking button will take you to their website.

Courses include:

  • Driver Hours & Record Keeping
  • Traffic Law
  • Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving & Manoeuvring
  • Vulnerable Road Users
  • Vehicle Checks & Enforcement
  • Driver Safety at Work

SP Training is pleased to offer high quality JAUPT approved remote Driver CPC courses. Candidates will receive 7 hours per day. Our courses are split into two 3.5-hour sessions, which are interactive to ensure the highest levels of driver engagement. They are a perfect flexible solution for drivers and businesses to catch-up on training or for anyone that needs qualified to access employment.

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Driver CPC Modules

To see more details about any of our modules click on the title of the module below.

Driver’s Hours and Record Keeping - PCV/LGV

This course covers the basic regulations for EU regulated hours, the Working Time regulations for Mobile Workers and UK domestic regulations. It also covers requirements for record keeping and the use of digital tachographs, including the process for making manual entries.

Course Content

  • Operator Licencing
  • Drivers’ Hours Regulations
  • Working Time Regulations
  • Domestic Rules
  • Tachographs and Records
  • Vulnerable Road Users
Traffic Law - PCV/LGV

Covers parking and loading restrictions, road signs, alcohol and drugs, licencing, legal myths and fact, corporate manslaughter, port security and immigration as well as dealing with incidents, road works and congestion.

Course Content

  • Highway Code
  • Road Signs & Road Markings
  • Access Restrictions on Parking Loading Unloading setting down and collection of passengers
  • Pedestrian Crossings types and methods of operating
  • Junctions
  • Driving Licences
  • Incidents road works and congestion
  • Mobile phones and seat belts alcohol and drugs
  • Corporate Manslaughter
  • Port Security illegal immigration
Safe & Fuel Efficient Driving & Manoeuvring - PCV/LGV

This course focuses on the importance of looking after yourself whilst in charge of a truck or coach, the key issues affecting driver health and fitness to drive, the potential risks and how to avoid them as well as manoeuvring and banksman duties.

It also looks at the causes of accidents, the effects of drugs, drink and mobile phones on driver awareness. Building on SAFED (Safe & Fuel Efficient) defensive driving techniques to support drivers to obtain improved MPG
and reduce accidents.

Course Content

  • Fitness to Drive
  • Distractions and the consequences
  • Defensive and safe driving techniques
  • Importance of vehicle checks and maintenance
  • How to optimise fuel consumption
  • Dealing with vulnerable road users
  • The dangers of manoeuvring
  • Recognise hazards when manoeuvring
  • Safe manoeuvring techniques and banksman signals
Vulnerable Road User - PCV/LGV

With vulnerable road user accidents a major cause for concern this course outlines how and why urban streetscapes are changing identifying road users who are vulnerable and why.
It highlights a driver’s responsibilities helping them to gain knowledge and experience of the issues faced by vulnerable road users (VRU).
Promotion of techniques and technology to improve road safety is covered and we review driver attitudes through reflection and critique to improve good driving practices.

Course Content

  • The changing streetscape & urban driving and walking
  • Cycle Lanes & London’s Cycle Superhighways
  • City Cycle Hire & Cycle Safety
  • Pedestrians
  • Motorised two wheelers
  • Cyclists – Blind Spots, Sharing the Road, Cyclist Safety
  • Road Traffic Collisions
  • Defensive Driving, Perception, Speed, Mobile Phones
Vehicle Checks & Enforcement - PCV/LGV

This course covers safe loading and unloading, pre-start vehicle checks, vehicle compliance and roadside law enforcement. OCRS and how drivers directly affect this important compliance tool. Forces acting on a vehicle, rollover avoidance and action in the event of a collision or at the scene of an accident.

Course Content

  • Vehicle Checks
  • Roadside Enforcement Documents
  • Traffic Law
  • Road Vehicles Regulations
  • Load Securing Equipment
  • Rollover Avoidance
  • Traffic Collision Procedure
Driver Safety at Work - LGV/PCV

Health and Safety in the logistics environment, Manual Handling and working at height. Slips, trips and falls. The correct use of personal protective equipment. Weights and weighbridges.

Course Content

  • Managing health and safety accidents at work
  • Risk assessment procedures
  • Accident and near miss philosophy
  • Control of substances hazardous to health
  • Workplace injuries
  • Manual handling
  • Work equipment
  • Fire prevention
  • The workplace
  • First Aid
  • Health at Work
  • Display Screen Equipment
  • Driving Hazards
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