Course Content

This course covers safe loading and unloading, pre-start vehicle checks, vehicle compliance and roadside law enforcement. OCRS and how drivers directly affect this importance compliance tool. Forces acting on a vehicle, rollover avoidance and action in the event of a collision or at the scene of an accident.

Course Aim

This module aims to ensure that you have a working understanding of the:

  • Importance of carrying out pre-use checks for vehicle and load
  • Many legal requirements for driving heavy goods vehicles on roads used by the public
  • Different types of legal documents that may be required, depending on the load
  • Regulations that apply to loading, unloading and transport of loads
  • Different types of load restraint and the correct procedures for securing loads
  • Risks of vehicle rollover can avoided

Learning Objectives

By the end of this module you should be:

  • Familiar with pre-use checks required for vehicle and load
  • Able to identify the areas to be checked and what to look for
  • Aware of the basic legal requirements for driving heavy goods vehicles, such as speed limits and restrictions for access
  • Aware of the key documents required when transporting different types of load
  • Aware of the regulations that cover safe loading
  • Aware of the various types of load restraint and their use
  • Aware of the conditions that can lead to rollover and ways in which rollover can be avoided

Course Information

Thursday 17th October 2024 8:30am

£86.75 including VAT & JAUPT upload fee

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