Getting the job you trained for can also grab you a £50 bonus!


So, you’ve gone through the Skills Bootcamp programme, passed your test & got your licence.

But what happened next?

We wanted to touch base and see how successful you were at pursuing you career after bootcamp, and if you made it into a driving role you are eligible to a £50 bonus payment – just complete the form below and leave the rest to us.




Since completing Bootcamp have you secured a role as a HGV driver?

Unfortunately, you aren't able to complete the survey and claim the incentive on offer.

The good news is if you do secure or are offered a position before the 17th of April 2024 you can return to this page and complete the form.

That is great news! If you can provide us with the details of your new job role* you are eligible to receive the £50 incentive. Just complete the simple form below and one of our team will be in touch.

Employer Name

Job Title

Start Date / Due To Start Date

By checking the box below you are confirming your eligibility to claim the the £50 incentive. One of our team will need to contact you to confirm the details provided are correct and arrange with you a transfer method.

Part of the contract for Skills Bootcamp funding is dependant on successful job outcome. The Department For Education requires us to provide proof of successful job outcome in the field of provided funded training. Many Skills Bootcamp candidates fail to update us as to their current employment status and we are required to revisit them periodically.

"We find the team at SP Training to be highly experienced, knowledgeable and a pleasure to deal with. Their understanding of our training needs and the logistics sector in general is second to none. With an innovative and flexible approach to our requirements this makes them an ideal business partner and our training provider of choice."

Neil Robinson, Director – Tyson H. Burridge

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